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Cory Francis Myers


Yale College, New Haven, CT (2012–2015)
Major in philosophy (thesis pending). Graduate-level coursework: aesthetic and continental philosophy. Activities: Collegium Musicum, Glee Club, Temperament Viol Consort.

  • Member, Steering Committee, Coalition for Mental Health (2014–2015): Advocated on behalf of various undergraduate mental-health and wellness groups and coordinated with the administration.
  • Online Editor, Helicon: The Yale Undergraduate Journal of Classics (2012–2014): Selected and edited student submissions and maintained the journal’s Web site.

Deep Springs College, Deep Springs, CA (2010–2012)
Program of work and study.

  • Student Trustee: Served on the Academic Affairs Committee of the Board of Trustees and acted as a liaison between the Board and the Student Body.
  • Chair, Applications Committee: Guided the Student Body’s Applications Committee through its yearly two-round application process to select the college’s next class.
  • Co-chair, Admissions and Recruitment Subcommittee, Coeducation Transition Committee: Led the assessment of the college’s admissions processes as it moves towards coeducation.
  • Systems Administrator: Managed the college’s telephone and computer networks, e-mail system, and Web site. Rebuilt the Ethernet and fiber-optic LAN and added firewalling, long-range wireless links, and traffic-shaping on the network’s satellite uplinks. Replaced the analog phone system with an Asterisk server and VoIP phones.
  • Dean’s Assistant: Helped produce the college’s documentation in support of its successful bid for reaccreditation by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.

Preparatory Division, Mannes College The New School for Music, New York, NY (2008–2010)
Program of study in cello, music theory, and music history.


Systems Engineer, Trinity Mobile Networks, New Haven, CT (Jun 2015 – present)

Assistant, Historical Sound Recordings Collection, Yale University, New Haven, CT (Sep 2014 – May 2015)
Assisted the curator in organizing and cataloguing the collection and maintaining its equipment.

Principal, Prattein Technical Foundry, Washington, VT (Jul 2014 – present)
Founding principal of Prattein’s Web, software, and consulting services.

Webmaster, Yale Baroque Opera Project, New Haven, CT (Sep 2013 – present)
Maintain the Project’s Web site in collaboration with its publicity and design team. Coded a complete redesign of the site and upgraded it from Drupal 6 to 7.

Chief Architect, Math Is a Sport!, Morristown, NJ (2010–2012)
Oversaw the development of Math Is a Sport!’s math-training Web site and its underlying Django software, which guides high-school students as they learn algebra and calculus, tests them on their knowledge, and provides real-time feedback to help them achieve deliberate practice.

Intern, Public Access Networks Corporation, New York, NY (Jul – Aug 2009, Jul – Aug 2011)
Researched, recommended, and integrated new internal and customer-facing software. Wrote custom single-sign-on module for PHP- and Python-based Web applications.


Undergraduate Fellow, Information Society Project, Yale Law School, New Haven, CT (Jan – May 2015)
Assisted Resident Fellows Colin Agur and Gabriel Michael’s research into net-neutrality policy.


Instructor, Yale Young Global Scholars Program, New Haven, CT (Jul 2013)
Designed and taught two seminars, “Intellectual Property in American Law” and “The Philosophy and Law of Privacy,” and co-taught writing workshops—both for groups of a dozen high-school students.

Factotum, Telluride Association Summer Program, Ann Arbor, MI (Jul – Aug 2012)
Served as one of two residential advisors and teaching assistants for Telluride’s six-week summer program, which brings together thirty-two high-school juniors for two college-level seminars.


Trustee, Telluride Association, Ithaca, NY (2013 – present)
Help manage the endowment and programs of the Telluride Association, a nonprofit organization that creates and fosters educational communities that rely upon democratic participation. Duties include hiring and training faculty and staff, reviewing applications for the Association’s academic programs, and long-term strategic planning.

Field Technician, Nepal Wireless Networking Project, Nangi, Myagdi, Nepal (May 2013)
Maintained and upgraded solar-powered wireless installations in the villages of Darbang and Nistok.




Languages. Native English, intermediate written Attic Greek, basic written and spoken German, basic written and spoken Spanish.

Computer languages. C, Python, R, Scheme.

Computer platforms. FreeBSD, GNU/Linux, Mac OS. Apache, Asterisk, BIND, Cisco IOS, Mikrotik RouterOS.

Miscellaneous. Tractor and small-motor operation and maintenance. Agricultural irrigation. Dairying.